In this post i'll briefly mention some projects i'm working on or plan to get started in the near future. But first, a little bit of my background...


Academically, i'm an IT (Information Technology) guy, programming and web development are my main areas. I designed and created this website myself. It's a really simple one, but it's just to give you an idea as to what it is that I do.


Music started and has always been a mix between a hobby and a career choice. Whether making an income from it or not, the ultimate goal for me, is to improve my ability.


Mixing the two have always been a wish of mine. And I have one or two projects that i've either started or have already made a decent amount of progress on.


In terms of solely musical projects well i'll mention those here as well.


So I will just briefly list some of the things i'll be working on and posting about in the upcoming days/weeks.


Music / Programming

  • An online app for recording music practice sessions
  • An online chord dictionary (with a couple of my own ideas of course)


  • Market myself for some gigs
  • Upload YouTube fingerstyle covers [just for fun :)]
  • General musical improvement
  • Play more electric guitar (it's really getting rusty!)


So these are just some fun points that i've made... there are probably more, but these will do for now... at least for this post.


One other thing I want to do is to post on this blog more often... This once per week thing is causing me to overthink what my next topic should be and hence do nothing at all...

Tuesday 9 May, 2017