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The following list is based off personal experience. I recognize that ten is a huge number of steps to implement so don't try to get it all in one go. If getting yourself to practice is a stuggle, I suggest you start with steps 1 & 4....

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guitar lessons recital 2019

My students have been practicing hard in preparation for our guitar recital dated the 2nd June, 2019. As a teacher, this was an excuse to really challenge them to learn songs that are a bit more difficult than they are accustomed. It also ...

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Hey all! I'm just going to briefly give a bit of information regarding my guitar lessons in this post, the details will be mostly in point form.


The Basics

  • Lessons are catered for the absolute...
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Guitar Contest: My One Month Challenge

So Igor Presnyakov, a virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist that I follow on YouTube, has recently hit one million subscribers. And with this he has announced that he will be...

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With so many things to practice, how do we manage it all? How do we successfully cover multiple areas of guitar and music in one sitting? Even if that sitting lasts only 30, 20 or even 10 minutes?

I would like to advocate this technique...

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