So Igor Presnyakov, a virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist that I follow on YouTube, has recently hit one million subscribers. And with this he has announced that he will be hosting a guitar contest. The rules are simple, like, share, comment and upload a video covering one of his arrangements.


For those that know me, you would know that Igor has been a big influence on my own fingerstyle playing. I've done only two of his arrangements so far, but there are always a few of his that I want to tackle, and for this one, i've already decided on the song.


Recently, i've been looking for reasons to challenge myself knowing my lack of consistency lately, so I figure this is a really good place to start. Now, to be fair, I have practiced the song i've chosen to do in the past, but I haven't gotten very far into it at all. It's one of those songs I started a while back but never continued.


So here's the fun part, by entering this contest I have a chance to win an Ibanez AE305 Acoustic guitar! I have never owned a (steel string) acoustic guitar of my own, so all the more reason to enter.


My deadline is August 1st, 2017 to upload my video, but I have another cover which I would like to upload this week, so that gives me about an average of about a month to practice and have the song in perfect, recorded form.


I will try to keep you all updated in the meantime... wish me luck!

Tuesday 20 Jun, 2017