I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who helped make my show the success that it was. My performers, my audience and of course to Kaiso Blues Cafe for allowing me to use their venue.


To me, this show was way overdue. My main reason for having this show was for the sake of my own musical momentum. Over the years, my motivation for practicing and learning new repertoire has surely dwindled from what it used to be. And if there was one important lesson that I've learned when it comes to pushing myself, it's having the right reasons to do so. This gig was my new reason... or at least temporarily. Either way it once again proved to me that having a goal (with a fair amount of pressure to complete it) is one heck of a motivational tool!


Sometimes, the desire alone to be a better player and musician, is just not enough. To really excel you need to throw yourself into the fire, and this is really the hardest part.


In the last few days before the show, I was surely driven to practice way more than I used to in the past few months. I want to recognize that fact and work toward creating more challenges, such as this one, a regular thing for me. It is quickest way forward for me.

I have a couple of ideas in my head for some new ventures and i'm still pumped from the success of this one. In the meantime, i'll make sure to keep you all updated on the journey.


Bye for now!

Thursday 4 May, 2017