For a long time now, i've been suffering with the inability to properly organize my practice sessions. From the moment I sit with my guitar, my brain is flooded with a million things that I should be practicing other than what i've decided to do.


It is for this reason, i've been wanting to get into the habit of keeping a practice journal. And me being the programmer that I am, I once pondered the idea of creating this journal as an online app.


It didn't take much time before I got started on that project. I spent a lot of time behind it. Wondering in the earlier parts of it's development: "Why am I spending so much time behind this? I should just journal using pen and paper!". But I persisted... mainly because once I got the momentum going, the challenge of its development really captivated me.


Fast forward, maybe a year later (after a few months of not working on it). I had something that worked. And it worked well enough. It was something worth sharing with others who may want to log their own practice sessions from any device they had. But there was one huge problem...


How am I going to find people to use it? I spent most of my time working on it... with the naive thought that maybe its usefulness would attract an audience all on its own. Or maybe a share or two on social media would suffice. But I realized I had reached the part that came after coding... marketing!


Having no real plan for this area, with the exception of a couple ideas, I took a break (that break is still ongoing... sad to say). But I was always proud for having completing the app. Now a little disclaimer here... when I say "complete", in this context I mean complete as to having a working, useful, relatively bug-free product. But I knew there would be more tweaks, add-ons or heck even entire overhauls to be done in the future based on how people may want to use the app.


So I guess at this point, i'm willing to continue to work on this project. The main thing really is getting a few dedicated users, taking their feedback, and adjusting to suit. I do remember at one point, I was really, really, really into this project. But the break I took made me lazy toward it, and I know time would have to be spent relearning how I coded certain things to be when do I start back.


But I am once again willing... and looking for those getting those users. I will do another post explaining how the system works this week. Honestly for it to be a good app, it should be easy enough to figure out. But i'll explain it anyway. This post is already too long!


You can visit the app at It's a web application, meaning you can access it from any device that uses a browser.


If you do give it a try, leave a comment below or message me via Facebook or even my contact form.


Would love to get some feedback... until next time... adios!

Friday 12 May, 2017