So last week I committed to practicing my ear every day for at least 25 minutes... And i'm satisfied to say that I have done so for most days since my last post... missing maybe the Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. Overall, in each session I spent at least 25 solid minutes... sometimes even going for 50.


The exercises done involved interval and chord note identification. Sometime ago, I came across the website: On there, is an ear training program with some wonderful and well thought out exercises which can provide some non-stop practice in random fashion.


I can gladly say that i've noticed improvements in my ability to identify chord notes and intervals. Which is very encouraging, and I have found getting into the practice of these kinds of exercises is much less of a drag now that i've noticed my progress.


Remembering my last blog post, my goal was to build a habit of practicing it everyday... Although i've missed the mark a bit since then, I can see myself continuing this trend. 


I've also thought of downloading an app to my phone to practice ear training on the go... I can easily find times where i'm sitting idly during the day, just browsing social media, so maybe I can replace that habit with this one. Social media is so distracting...


My next goal is to add in the habit of practicing fretboard visualization exercises everyday, for at least twenty five minutes. I'll start by using the exercises found in Martin Miller's "Improvisation Masterclass Vol 1".


That's it for now... i'd like to leave this YouTube video here which is a clip of a masterclass by Hal Galper who speaks on the importance of audiation (the ability to reproduce the notes you hear in your head vocally, on your instrument or otherwise). Which was my bit of musical wisdom for the day.



Wednesday 31 May, 2017