Continuing focus on visualization. The G position is taking a while for me to get the hang of. Also blending arpeggios with pentatonic boxes is a bit of a challenge so i'd like to keep working on that.


Comments practice with me, practiceroute 19 July, 2021

Continuing visualization. I'm putting more focus on getting used to the G position and with blending pentatnoic scales/arpeggios.

Haven't been doing much listening to blues lately unfortunately... so I haven't transcribed any new licks...

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practice with me the blues week 3

More visualization this week. Including the dominant 7th arpeggios in the G position.

Removed practicing the Mixolydian scales for now... i'll just focus on getting comfortable with mixing the minor pentatonic with the blues arpeggios....

Comments practice with me 5 July, 2021

Continuing this week with visualization of blues scales and arpeggios.

Trying to add more licks into the routine as the days go by. The lastest one I got from Paul Gilbert - Blues For Rabbit.

May try to blend two of the blues...

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practice with me blues live guitar

This week i'm focusing on visualization of blues scales and arpeggios.

Being most comfortable in what I like to call the E position, i'm also working on getting comfortable with the I-IV-V arpeggios in the adjacent, D position.


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