I'm documenting my practice sessions live as I work toward blues improvisation.

I will be using my app: Practiceroute to plan and work with a routine.

The routine will last approximately 1...

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The following list is based off personal experience. I recognize that ten is a huge number of steps to implement so don't try to get it all in one go. If getting yourself to practice is a stuggle, I suggest you start with steps 1 & 4....

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guitar lessons recital 2019

My students have been practicing hard in preparation for our guitar recital dated the 2nd June, 2019. As a teacher, this was an excuse to really challenge them to learn songs that are a bit more difficult than they are accustomed. It also ...

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Hey all! I'm just going to briefly give a bit of information regarding my guitar lessons in this post, the details will be mostly in point form.


The Basics

  • Lessons are catered for the absolute...
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Guitar Contest: My One Month Challenge

So Igor Presnyakov, a virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist that I follow on YouTube, has recently hit one million subscribers. And with this he has announced that he will be...

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