Lesson Payment:

Classes are a flat rate of $400 per student per month. This is to be paid in full within the first week of the month unless otherwise negotiated. A discount is offered for family members sharing the same class time.


Missed Classes:

If the student is unable to make a class he/she may request a makeup session on which the date can be decided upon. There will be no refunds / fee deductions on cancelled classes.

I am usually very lenient with the notice time for a cancelled class but please give notice as soon as you are able.

If the teacher is unable to provide a full month of class he will do his best to make provisions for a makeup on decided day/time. If the teacher is unable to provide at least four (4) sessions within a month, a deduction of $100 per missed class will be applied to the next due payment.


Public Holidays:

Classes on public holidays are optional. I am usually available, however if not, we can decide if to have a makeup or to deduct it from the next due payment.



Payment exceptions will be made due to vacation/personal breaks Please advise the teacher as soon as possible. Students taking breaks lasting longer than one (1) month risk losing their scheduled day/time.


Payment Options:

Payments may be made via cash or cheque or via online banking. A receipt will be issued electronically or otherwise upon payment.


Thanks for understanding and please remember that consistency is key to your progress!



Gregory Pantin